Initiate a Rotex Lab Test

Rotex Sales Representative Sends Sample Authorization Form to Customer

Customer Completes Form & Submits with SDS

Rotex Issues Sample ID# and Specifies Desired Sample Size

Customer Clearly Labels Buckets with Sample ID# and Ships to Rotex

Initiating a lab test is a crucial step in ensuring an on-spec and efficient screening process. Once a test is initiated:

  • Samples are generally tested in the order received
  • Typical lab test lead-time is 2 weeks or less
  • Testing is FREE! Also, customer-witnessed tests are encouraged – the more you know and see about your product, the more you can trust in it.

Lab tests deliver – The #1 goal of a Rotex Lab Test is to size a screener and select screen mesh to MAXIMIZE the customer’s product yield, all while achieving product quality specifications.

Maximizing yield while maintaining product quality specifications → productive, profitable business!